The VDD is actively looking for people who have blocked Ushakov's supporting support leaflets

The State Police Service (VP) has received a crime case for national casualties or inconsistencies that may be linked to leaflets that have been issued before their party "Harmony "at Riga Town Hall on Saturday. The hosting event was Nils Ushakov (S), Chairman of Riga Town Council.

The VDD thanked Latvia residents who notified the service of the above mentioned case and other possible battles of a similar nature to the meeting in Square Hall to Town. Submissions received in the criminal proceedings mentioned above will be considered.

Entries in social networks show that the SES staff are working today, for example, in Bolderaja, where a free bus to the rally has been arranged. They questioned the organizer of this time.

As stated, the VP has initiated a criminal offense to prevent national hatred in connection with the occupation of Riga residents to take part in the support of "H Harmony "a & # 39; party.

Pictures that have been distributed to social networks show Bolderaja to have a & # 39; Distributing leaflets that show Ushakov decorated in collecting camps. He was taken by soldiers on his dress in a German Nazi dress and used a similar logo. national group "All Latvia!" – "Fatherland and Freedom" / LNNK logo. Ushakov's throat sends a poster with the writing "Because Russian."

Ushakov said he was not an "Harmony" invitation. "The posters featured in a variety of social networking and content versions, to send it to a prompt, promptly not distributed to the" Harmony "party. "The origin and aims of those posters must be clarified by the police," said the factor.

He did not reject "Harmony" on spreadsheets to citizens to take part in the rally, but not above. The leaflets are ordered by the party saying that the "Harmony" is paid and that the total number of copies is distributed 210,000. All costs associated with the organization of the event, "Harmony" will be published by law, Ushakov promised.

It has already been reported that around 3,000 participants, according to VP collected information, were supported on Saturday, at Room Square boundaries; Town, Ushakov.

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The amount of support was arranged following a search carried out at Ushakov residence in connection with criminal proceedings "Rīgas satiksme".

Speaking to the campaigners, Ushakov said he had not taken an illegal activity, so he had no reason for fear.

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