Toyota RAV4 hybrid sales figures are better than current gasoline devices being sold

The Toyota RAV4 hybrid sale sells 63% of all sales, and make the two-fuel changes in the number sold even ahead of the ordinary petrol engine, recited by WESS Motors.

Toyota RAV4 is one of the best Toyota car models in Latvia, which sold over 21% of Toyota's new sale of WESS Motors.

Last year, 304 new Toyota RAV4 cars were sold, up 4.1% on a previous year, with more than half or 190 cars having a two-fuel machine. At present, Toyota RAV4's hybrid sale already accounts for almost 63% of the total sales of RAV4.

"Introducing the latest version of the" RAV4 "path, which can increase its position on market, and we are already seeing an increase in interest And public in the new "RAV4", says WESS CEO Alexei Radionov.

The new Toyota RAV4 version with a 2.5-liter engine and an electric motors have 222 each-power development and, according to the manufacturer, 4.5 per cent of gasoline per 100 kilograms on average. From up to 100 km / h it will accelerate to 8.1 seconds. The new "RAV4" is also available with a 173-horsepower two-liot petrol engine. The petrol switch can only be fitted with a front wheel wheel, which makes the RAV4 more accessible.

The new Toyota RAV4 Hybrid traffic is also the first Toyota model that is a? Toyota Safety Sense as a general feature – a set of active safety systems for the safety of drivers and passengers on the road.

Toyota RAV4 is one of the biggest models that Toyota enjoys all the time – since 1994 it has sold over eight million units, and in 2018, It was the RAV4 model in a SUV that was the # 39; Best selling in the world with 810,953 photocopies.

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