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Look Good children exploring an event that happened to a high school student, Chloe, on Saturday evening. Hloja doesn't remember anything, but the school laments. Social networks begin to reflect ideas, photos and videos later. Chloe seems to have suffered a crime of old age. The event has been filmed, taken by camera and published unexpectedly.

Director Reinis Suhanovs: “For young actors it is interesting to talk about their peers and their difficulties in the common and correct language and format.”

Cast: Elina Avotina, Anna Nele Abolina, Alice Danovsky, Aminata Greta Diarra, Madara Morning, Clint Ley, Elina Hanzena, Andris Gindra, Paul Iklave, Emil Krumins, Oskars Viksne, Tom Wielich.

Concerts will be held on the 25th of March at the same time. January 14 and 19 and 29 April at 14 and 19

The exhibition 2017/18 won. Year of the Year Award from the Latvian theater award Annual display for teenagers.

But experiencing the theater Fourth with presentations to young people Spring. It's a terrible story that didn't grow as a result of the growing 14-year-old Melchior, Moritz and Wendel's brutal relationship with Melchior, Moritz and Wendel. Inspired by Franka Vedekinda Spring RevivalThe outfit has created a story about friends who meet in an empty garage in a small village to build a new world. The exhibition was created during the Valmiera Drama Festival 2018.

Cast: Boters Reinis, Aries Matesovich, Mellis Klāvs, Ance Strazda.

Events on 15 April, at 11 May, 15, 19, and 10, at 11, 15, 19.

For students and students, the price for tickets is EUR 7, for adults EUR 10. Tickets can be purchased at the theater t Dailey and all Ticket Parliaments at checks or

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