Videl: I'm embarrassing my own game and the Dinamo Riga game – Hocaidh – Sport

The "Dinamo" Riga on Monday, with a 1: 2 score, was awarded a prize for a weakest team of the Continental Hockey League (KHL).

Ģirts Ankipāns is the senior trainer of the team called this to match the worst season in the "Dynamo" Riga performance.

"This product is unlawful. We played tremendously. Only three had traveled to the enemy, they could not go into the playoffs. However, there were" Slovan "Faster than we did, they did more work, try out" not there. It should not be. I'm sorry for my play and the evening team, "said Videl to an auditor at a club interview.

Miķelis Rēdlihs won the same goal in this game for Riga "Dynamo", and Videl and Matthew Majone were successful.

"We had 19 shows at the gateway, but after two-thirds there were only 11. Yes, they stopped something, but in general we did nothing. This is one of the games The most important is the result, "the hockey player from Sweden continued unfortunately.

Today Riga Dynamo hosts 9th place in the West Conference Championship Record with 54 points in 57 games.

From the "Sochi" zone 8 "saga" zone "Sochi" Rigans was weak behind 2 points, and the Dinamo 1 team made more of a game.

"We still have access to the games to be abolished. We have made the situation very tough. We have got four, five games left, and we can hope do something in each game without saving himself, "said Videl.

At the break, Riga Dinamo will playing a Wednesday game (6 February) with the British team of Britain.

At the same time, in the KHL regimental competition, the next "Dinamo" Riga game will be held on 11 February in "Riga Arena" against a Finnish club "Jokerit" represented by Jānis Kalniņš gatekeeper.

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