We can not "remove" the uterus and uterus from the body or what the tests are offered for its & quot; women? – In Harmony – Egoiste

He advised the Doctor of Medical Sciences, Expertist Jana Zodik:

Good balance and healthy weight

The foundations of our health are correct at the moment we are in our breast. The health of pregnant women also affects the health of the baby in the future. For example, if a woman is pregnant with a lot of materials that include extra sugar, the child can develop metabolic problems. Healthy eating habits are already younger, so parents are responsible for setting their example and educating children about eating properly. In the future, women should take into account the weight of a healthy body, because too much plants can affect the work of the dead, reduce fertility and other disease diseases.

Disposing ridicule of harmful habits

Smoking can work on the work of the empty microblock and fallopian tubes, which may be more likely to be severe. Smoking women have a higher risk of oncological diseases because smoking is "a" killing system; body. Similarly, the adverse effects of the detection system have a detrimental effect on alcohol and therefore due to genetic health.

Caring for sexual health

To make girls feel responsible for their intensive health as women, there is an important role in sexual family education. Early in youth, mothers should talk to their daughters about close hygiene care, damage, sexual relations and subsequent consequences. Girls should be aware of safe anti-control and disease-oriented diseases. A genetic life should begin to visit a gynecologist once a year and give up the checks to ensure that there is no blood disease at a woman. If a woman does not have a living life, then at least once every three years she should go to the scientist and perform a cervical analysis, but after 50 years. ; age also breastfeeding mammography.

State payment plot and ban exams

In Latvia, the country offers free human immunization against human papillomavirus between 12 and 18 years; causes crude cancer. Their vaccine is & # 39; including viruses such as viruses that promote a response to protection, but there is no viral DNA, so it is totally safe and has no adverse effect on the health or fertility of the girls.

Women aged between 25 and 70 should bring cervical sperm from cervical from every state every three years. This test can detect crude cancer at an early stage or at an early stage and in most cases of medicine.

Females aged 50 to 69 should be breastfeeding with mammogram every two years. The main reason why mammals should be examined by mammals can see the disease before it is considered.

Remember! If the invitation is lost or lost, a woman has the opportunity to contact her expert scientist and to make the state-funded tests without invitation.

To find changes in the coffin, if it is, it is important to carry out a regular analysis of the & # 39; to eat. The first time a woman can ask a gynecologist to have a & # 39; show her how to do it right and who should be taken into account, but then she can do it between the menstrual times. Patient self-exams should be at least twice a year. This can be done every month, but its self-checking should not be a # 39; turn to phobia when waiting for each test with fear to & # 39; affecting something.

For women under the age of 50, you should have a chronicle writing if you have any complaints or have a chronic cancer history.

Marks Required Physician:

  • A collision between times or after menopause;
  • Strong and passionate times that have never been before;
  • Lesser pain of pain, pain after alliance;
  • Modified secretions;
  • Forms in coffin, nipple or armpit.

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