Laughing from Nakgyeongwon … The decision measured by his inspirational ambition;


According to the Kyung-winners, who was the leader of the National Assembly, after his speech (12th), there is an analysis that the lecture was, for the first time, an enigmatic attack which was intended for political chaos t .

The party's leader, Nak Gyeong, said he yesterday, and was a reporter of Kwon Ji-yoon.


It is filled with the plenary session, which is the greatest honor in a member's Parliament.

[나경원/한국당 원내대표 : 먹튀 정권, 욜로 정권, 막장 정권이란 이야기를 들어도 (전혀 이상할 게 없습니다.)]

More closer phrases

[나경원/한국당 원내대표 : 더이상 대한민국 대통령이 김정은 수석부대표, 수석대변인이라는 낯뜨거운 이야기를 (듣지 않도록 해주십시오.)]

One hour before the start, the ruling party, which received the lecture in advance, had already been accepted as a propaganda publication.

The man who was governing was uneasy, and I was laughing at the time.

The Conservative Democratic Party, the Justice Party, of course, is indeed

[손학규/바른미래당 대표 : (나경원 원내대표의 발언은) 원내대표 발언으로서 정치적인 금도를 넘었습니다.]

It is a situation between 4 and 1 and 4 to 1 for Koreans.

It seems to be separated in this way, but there is also an analysis that the party's own president was aiming at it.

It is a description of its measure and is aimed at the symbol of the loan challenge.

After the last assembly, he has been a major force in the party.

On the other hand, there would be a warm welcome, but the boundary is more conspicuous.

[이정미/정의당 대표 : 제1야당 원내대표가 태극기 부대의 원내대표를 자처하다니 (개탄스럽습니다.)]

In particular, the political burden has increased in overseas negotiations such as discussions with future parties.

(Video Broadcast: Jang, Seung-hwan)

Ech Lecture from the Kyung-winning … The Democratic Party – Korea, the Petitions Committee for Ethics

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