Laurence Boccolini's amazing loss of stress



Laurence Boccolini has been translated on a picture with Ingrid Chauvin.

Although she is not the type to post a lot of pictures herself, Laurence Boccolini has attracted the attention of her fans in August. The consumption of a pink, natural scarf, was that the leader of Europe 1 had lost its weight in identifying the views of Internet users.

Despite this, she mentioned that she did not want to go to her subject as the reminiscent here: "I do not have a fight at least, I do not want to talk about my weight, I may have done it, but now it's just I've got a shirt my head, I did not think that this picture would appeal to everyone. "

Two days ago, the hospitality appeared a little fierce on a picture with the actress Ingrid Chauvin. Surfing of the surf has been careful to build positively. "At least anyway or now, you're an amazing animator," "You are pretty beautiful Mrs. Laurence", "You're beautiful", can we read under the cliché.

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