Laurita Fernández, about her time at the jury Dancing: "It was not the best place I enjoyed"


The number of Sugar He talked about his first time on his & her; wall and said he would not return to that situation. "If I go back he's going to dance," he said Representatives

Laurita Fernández spoke in her intruders about her time in the Dancing jury

After being a dancer in the & # 39; Dance and be a warrior by side Fede Bal, The Laurita Fernández (27) the big jump and went from the way to the jury, a place that was assessed by many of the figures on the show.

However, his knowledge was not quite surprising, since it became the focus of hard and strong decisions, such as the routes with Cinthia Fernández, The Soledad Fandiño, The Mica Viciconte and Flor Marcasoli.

Finish the competition and in full season of Sugar in Mar del Plata, Laurita spoke by cell phone Representatives, The He said he was not comfortable in that place and recording the reasons.

"The jury did not like the place he liked most … He did not have the product, b & # 39; Everything that happened, but until I learned it, I did not understand that my favorite thing was to dancing ".

"Did you have bad weather ShowMatch in the last time? You just said "they wanted to keep us", "at the end we did not (with Flor Peña) was so uneasy. "Did you have bad weather in the program?" he asked Adrián Pallares. And the high quality Sugar He was honest: "The jury" was not the place he liked me, and I told them (the representatives), but I am also grateful to them, because I know it is a place sociable and that many want to stay there. They trust me well. "

In that line, he said: "I told them also on the last day, that I had spent many times as soon as possible. For a lot of games but if they tell me something, I'm really impressed. The camera is not turned, I'm sorry and we are all friends, as Yes, it's a game that I do not know how to play me well, this is going and responding … Because it's not the place And all that happened, but until I was staying there, I did not understand that I'd like to to dance and not in front of many sides ".

"For many things I have not had a long time, but not for them, but for the things that have been given in the program, in general, the debate and the fight I do not like."

Listening to his story, the panel asked: "If you come back to dance?". He then welcomed Laurita with laughter: "Indeed, he helped me to learn a lot, the things that I liked and did you suffer They realized that they were about the program and I stopped doing so much drama. But before I came home, I would make a hamburger and I was shouting. "

Finally, Fernandez discovered how well his post as jury: "For many things I did not have a long time, but not for those that were given in the program. In general, the conversation and the fight do not like me. "

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