Lavaur Cathedral confirmed: two teenagers sent to the children's judge – 08/02/2019


A 17-year-old student confesses he is an author of damage actions made in Saint-Alain de Lavaur Cathedral on Tuesday. Other young people could be involved.

A 17 year old teenager dated Thursday evening with his parents to the gendarmerie brigade of Lavaur (Tarn) to admit the damage made to St Alain's Cathedral on Tuesday, February 5. Teulat, a 15-kilometer from Lavaur, built in the Las Cases High School, inhabits Teulat, the young man was arrested before arriving early in the evening.

Last morning, there were other students in the secondary school; leading the gendarmerie to hear in this case. According to our information, video surveillance cameras should be checked to be sure to have been done; The main question that was submitted only, twice, in the Cathedral on Tuesday 16 to 30, long & And friends were waiting for him outside.

Las Cases High School is less than 300 meters from the Cathedral. The presence of packed cakes was in confess confess, the army of Crom's arm in a dab format, and it was suggested that the authors were more likely to be able to; Find out for teenagers who are disturbed by religious supporters.

Remember that the effects may be even worse since a ring shirt of an altar was made in the Sacre Coeur chapel; crib damage.

Depression firefighters / DDM, Mr H. must be used.

Depression firefighters / DDM, M.H.

Two teenagers followed

Finally, after today's hearings, charges were set against two teenagers, both 17 years, one from Teulat, the other from Cuq-Toulza. It is acknowledged that the first is for depression and damage. The second one who stole Christ and threw him into the Agout River. Both were left free and will be required on 15 March before the young judge.

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