LawBreakers Dev Cliff Bleszinski says he's not doing another game



Gears of War created and now, founder of Cliff Bleszinski, founder of Boss Key Productions, has never "played" another game after receiving a tweet about repaying those who bought LawBreakersPost-Although he has overlooked his retirement, Bleszinski seems to have been well done for now, according to a brief summary (s) he gave to the games business .

"You do not give everyone a refund on the players who were with you all and spent money for everyone to" "maintain the content," a & # 39; read a tweet that appears to be a troll account. "Now all that money has been lost."

Bleszinski wrote back:

When the Games Business came out to Bleszinski to find out if he meant what he said, he replied, "I'm ready."

Previously, Zach Lowery, said the division was only three weeks, and Beszinski said he might have used "hyperbole" but he thinks he did right thing. He received a few missions of support from other developers God of War producer of Cory Barlog.

We want Bleszinski to enjoy our future efforts.


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