Lawsuit agreed in a short sentence test with a mother's mother the lines in the River


After announcing more than five times before the procurator Adriana Bellavigna, L.M.G, The the woman who was pushed on rugs that hit her body's six-year-old son to confront the Memorial stadium in the Superfinal against Satan, it was who was released after a brief lawyer was agreed by a defense lawyer, Carlos Broitman, who was represented among Henry "My Blood" Londoño and Ibar Pérez Corradi.

Case crime violates third party life Improving friendship, the woman was sentenced by Villa del Parque two years and 8 months imprisonment is banned In addition, a series of problems was installed, depending on sources near to the process. Group: The judge is still still on his case, María Julia Correa, homologue the agreement.

L.M.G received two good news yesterday at 11:30 p.m., one day later The Police of the Town will create the room that it is; shared with his family and I'll stop it. At first he got a freedom. Then, the Council for Children and Young People Rights considered this there was no restraint on his son to return to your home in Villa del Parque: the youngest, at least, be cared for by his father, also a passion of the River, depending on what yesterday the organs of the organs confirmed.

According to legal resources, the woman took the case and showed it "It's very tough for what happened"In this way, the parties agree to an abbreviated case by a genuine sentence.

In addition, as stated in the letter signed by lawyer Broitman, L.M.G, aged 37, he must do psychological medicine.

You will also have a duty to play 48 hours of community activities in a good public entity. You can not attend major sporting events with your child involved. Finally, he has to settle his situation and put it into board care.

L.M.G He returned last night to his room where she spent the night with her husband I.S and her 4 children. Now it's just that the judge is over the file Give their progress until the agreement has a definite proof.

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