LDS parents are delighted. The missionary children can now contact the home each week. But a new policy is worried about it.


Regardless of everyday Saints who make a happy or happy dance; announces Friday's publication grounds that the missionaries of religion can now visit the home each week depending on their generation.

There were families from full-time missionaries who were currently or who are currently serving; Most happy to hear the voice of the children on her; phone – as well as video and text conversations – often Christmas and Mother's Day.

"This will be great for our 11th birthday who laments his big brother forever," wrote Salt Lake City's mother, Diana Grant, on Facebook. "It's hard for e-mail communication with his brother [serving in the Philippines]. "

Véronique Poznanski, who was present with his spouse as he was the mission of the Church of Jesus Christ's Church on the Daily Day's Nights in Paris from 2011 to 2014, called the "motivated" move.

"It is likely that the mission of clans is to include more and more young people who are weak, emotionally," Poznanski, who is a Frenchman who is a & # 39; stay in Germany, & # 39; write in an email address. "Regular communication with parents, in particular, can help, as long as they listen and give them affectionate and confident advice and keeping them tabs. … [It also could aid] The families that feel really involved [children’s] service, and mission clans that can further cooperate with families in certain situations. "

This depends, "she said," on those discussions to organize and for a reasonable duration and that the parents do not invite friends [or boyfriends] when they expect to call them. "

As a curator, Sara Hughes-Zabawa of Billings, Mont., Expects these changes to change "to reduce the number of missionary who comes home early, and also Supporting the positive mental health promotion of the missionaries and a good emotional measure. "

The transmission of communication from primary support systems is often "increasing concerns and bad signs," she said. Call more often "to support your healthy connection and increase access to love and familiar support."

It also offers other missionaries to raise concerns about safety, physical health and future plans.

But the older members are worried about being & # 39; Liaison with parents often – although the church's leaders say that missionaries are not expected to phone their parents every week – they may be able to go to; Attention to the young men and the young women from their focus on promoting the world.

For some of these, the purpose of the holy time is to give all strengths to convert to Christ, free from family drama and romantic participation.

You can visit the house only twice a year – and be protected – like to & # 39; declare that willing to return from the world, a noble sacrifice, which some are, welcome him.

"We move away from the monastic elements of missionary work," said Steve Evans, a lawyer of Salt Lake City and founder of General Approval, a website that loved Saint's Day Today, to include mixed feelings about the change. "I hope we can preserve natural conservation dedicated to the life of the world."

Then Evans said, "I'm sure we can."

At least, Utahn Peter Asplund is hoping that the phone calls will not be restored "to the intimate, amazing and amazing emails [like the ones I] I got from the oldest when he served. "

These electronic films, Asplund, "have created a record of service that will be very important for the future."

Neil Evans of Reston, Va., Welcomed the new missionary communication policy but it's amazing it was too long.

"Two times a year were too small," said Evans. "Once a week it's too often."

There is a lot of value to "sit and add your thoughts and feelings in writing," he said. "I understand that it is not mandatory [to call weekly], but something in the middle would have been nice. Once a month Once every month. "

It is not certain that the missionaries' calls are more or less definite, "said Evans, a missionary in Virginia from 1987 to 1989 and currently a son is attending in Peru and a daughter in Brazil. But "he is very grateful that the church is listening and making changes."

On their side, St David's chiefs today mentions mental health messages and family involvement among the reasons for the move.

However, these young men (who can go out at the age of 18) and women (who can leave at 19) can attend "full-time missions" judge to confirm the duration of the phone and the video conversations "said the Chief Commanding Officer," And be aware of their companions. "

Family members are asked to "not send phones or conversations but instead they should wait for the missionary to contact them on their weekly preparatory day," said the chiefs. "If parents of a missionary live in different places, he or she can contact each parent separately."

The church encourages weekly communication with their families "at least when the missionaries are an agreed method to come to a decision," said the apostle Dieter F. Uchtdorf, chairman of the Missionary Action Council. "This may change according to their settings, places and recordings for that week. It is not expected that all missionaries call or # 39; a video chat with parents every week. The correct means of communication are left to their missionary while he or she does decide what is best to meet their needs. "

The change also offers mixed family equations, Uchtdorf explained in a press release, as well as a # 39; Improved support for those missionaries who would benefit from a & # 39; giving more personal contact with the family at home.

Missionaries are still being encouraged to; Speaking families at special times, Uchtdorf said, such as Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, the birth of parents and other culturally important holidays.

"We love the missionaries and we know that the Lord is valuing the independent service," said Uchtdorf. "We will continue to try to find out how best to support and help them and their families while they are attending."

Russell Stevenson warns parents that the missionary can not talk to them on his / her. phone each week, which means they need or even want.

"I was blessed that there were parents who knew when they would keep it," wrote Stevenson of East Lansing, Mich. "But everything is not done".

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