Le Dengue may have been scrapped, Health Initiative attacks Fog Aedes



By closing the dengue, the Home Health Department Increasing enterprise to counter Aedes aegypti. The action starts on Sunday (25) and is part of the National Week for its & # 39; Combating the mosquito, chikungunya fever and zika virus. Activities to attract the attention of the population will be developed at their strategic points to their home. Tomorrow (26) will be an educational translation in the AME, starting at 7:30. Also, as part of the week, educational activities are in urban schools.
"We have created a new way of creating a teaching barrier for each special breeding area of ​​the houses, and the use of free materials available to everyone, such as cleanliness, bleach and water," Diego Palmieri, who is responsible for education activities, said.
Health teams make educational work aimed at children and adults and consolidate guidance on the importance of prevention and everyday situations.
"In a recent community-led activity, EMCAa (Municipal Team to Fight Ades aegypti) team has brought together general transport buses and urban and road destinations. giving information about the mosquito that, as well as dengue, also provides Zika and Chikungunya virus, "health reports.
In total, 384 tests were carried out in patients with dengue suspicion. Out of this total, 117 cases were confirmed as a confirmation, from January to November and a further 267 examinations were released.
"Catanduva's other edition of the National Movement Day is opposed to Aedes. The focus is to link efforts to clean clean up efforts in the buildings and urban public spaces. The idea is to catch the date and destroying all kinds of materials that can collect water and become a breeding place. At the same time, the initiative proposes to expand its idea of to residents, reinforcing everyone's place in cleaning houses and rods, "the finishing of the department.

Karla Siber
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