Le Matin – In memory of Jilali Ferhati, Moroccan film maker


For this 17th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival, from November 30 to 8 December 2018, Moroccan photographs will be launched through director Jilali Ferhati, actor and screenwriter, one of the pillars at the Moroccan cinema. Director who marked the world of the UK film with films that did not advance the interests of professionals and film makers.

We can not mention Jilali Ferhati not to remember the name of the favorite movie "Reed Dolls" (1982), made in the context of fourteen directors and It was a good example for his job. Due to the fact that this film was made after "Brèche dans le mur" in 1977, he won the Grand Prix of the Valencia Festival, the Best Director Award and the Best Actress Award at his / her. The first National Festival of the film in Morocco. Then his other cinematographic work will reinforce his position and gave him a feeling, especially with "The Beach of Lost Children" (1991), "Horse of Fortune" (1995), "Braids" (2000). "Jilali Ferhati is a great example of the Moroccan cinema. He is a highly distinguished director with his special style in the selection of subjects and their handling. For example, in his film" Remembrance in Detention ", no he did the same as the other directors who came into the subject in a straightforward way, that is, showing prisoner's suffering in prisons. But he took the subject on his hand Other, which influenced these lead years on a political prisoner in amnesia. So Ferhati knows how to take his chinematography on writing, to be such as battleship, by changing their performers each time according to the characters.

He is a film activist worthy of this reputation in a big festival, "said Omar Belkhemmar, criticism of film and director of the Moroccan Society of Film Writers. Indeed, Ferhati's films achieved their ambition to Accessing a broader audience, who was at the center of his thoughts and concerns, and then giving material to the critics who have welcomed His cinematographic work. Because his films are socially and socially, they draw strength in a variety of subjects. In 2004, he graduated in literature and geography in the France, who performed the first time at the theater, appeared in "Memory in custody" where he is changing a course, exploring history and memory of Morocco. also to win a very important return. Other films will continue, "From Dawn" in 2010, "Secret of Pillow "(2013) and the last," Ultimate Revolt "(2018). Over his 40th anniversary, Ferhati's films have presented numerous awards and presentations at major events and festivals in Morocco and internationally. But this director must be said to have a special flavor at FIFM. He said he was honored and proud to get his & her; this reputation. "It is a sign of my work and is done by a great international festival. It is interesting to know that we are there, and that we have a place in the & # 39; international film industry, "he said.
Indeed, this truly worthwhile course is worthy of winning by the Golden Star, along with major international stars such as Robert de Niro, Robin Wright and Agnès Varda. A beautiful recognition of openness, of course, the way to another dedication.

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