The passenger transport application, Uber, a series of safety tips for users who opt for the service at New Year's Eve; New.

The company has a & # 39; expect a huge demand, so it advises:

1-. The trip confirmation: Many people are likely to want a vehicle through Uber in the same division and at the same time. This is why it is very important for the user to verify that the data of the vehicles and the drivers are in; Respond to those who appear in the application. The model of car, patent, name and image of the driver send a little bit of information that shows the platform so that the user can prove that he is in a position; get the right drive.

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2-. Touring section: Egg users can share their trips with five reliable links. In this way, as soon as they are connected to the & # 39; driving companion, the user can use this option in the application. This security tool will allow your identity to be able to; follow the path on the map, and also to the # 39; See data of their driving partner data and make or modify a & # 39; carriage.

3- Security Button: Uber has put in a bad buttons so that traveling people can communicate directly with the 133. That's why, if a user is at risk when they are in danger, travel, you can get to this post and direct communication directly. with Customs officers.

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