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Reporter TSN Toronto, Kristen Shilton, reviews daily with news and notes on the Maple Leafs. Scotiabank Arena has an optional morning skull Toronto, and then has a full morning crack for Vancouver Canucks leading up to an evening game between the teams.

Now in his six year program, Morgan Rielly it is at a distance to have the best time of post.

Over 40 games, he already has 44 points (eight of his high-quality games in 76 games), as long as he is in. guide all the NHL white sounds in the goals (13). It is also linked to most of the features among protectors, with a third most helpers (31) and the third largest option (plus-24) .

Everything looks good on paper, but the stats do not do everything Rielly uses to find out how good it is; he plays.

"It's important that you look after yourself, and the player you want to be over time, and take steps to try and get there," he explained after the Saturday morning Saturday morning selection option. ahead of their game against Vancouver Canucks. "It's a long road, a long process. I have a long way to go where I want to be."

Especially tightly when it comes to talking about its own achievements or details of the game itself, Rielly did not comment much on where these areas were for improvement. But as the Leafs themselves, which have lost two lost, Rielly is now getting rarely rare.

For the first time of the year, the 24-year-old man has gone three games without point (he had not gone more than two before) and has been uncomfortable in two Toronto 's last trip.

By Saturday, announcing the 2018-19 Toronto roadway for Toronto, Rielly has no time to play again for his game again.

"It's important that we all accept [our recent losses] On our own, as individuals try to be better, "he said." Not just me, but I know there are other people who feel like that too. Moving forward in the last half of this year, we are all in the process. Feeling how we can be better, we feel we can be more consistent as a team, and we would like to give it. "

Getting back on a scores page against Vancouver would be particularly sweet for Rielly, who belonged to the area. In past ten professional meetings, Rielly has four support and Rory and they look forward to playing twice a year.


The Leaf did not lose more than two games in the series throughout the season, a consistent signal that helped them take them second in NHL locations.

To stop the third runner-up again on Saturday, Toronto will include the same principles that benefited them in that situation.

"We talk about it well, we talk about going through dry steps; we want to be consistent throughout the year," said Rielly. "We'll ensure that we do right things every day, whether it's in a meeting or a morning meeting. If we do, we feel that We're ready to go tonight. I think the test is going for tonight. "

"It's just to fix errors as soon as possible and get back on track," added to Patrick MarleauIn the "I think when we've been swept to be able to get back to the ways we won, so we have to do tonight."

It is not the problem for the final Pages that they are not as much convicted as they can not play their game as long as they are. needed to influence.

"I did not think we found a way of digging for 60 as we need," said Mike Babcock. "[The Canucks are] going hard to work, they are going to compete hard, they will be organized. There is another test here tonight. We need to work. "

Test & # 39; face a leaf because they are aiming to have a & # 39; avoid streak of season over three games

The Maple Leafs struggle does not have more than two continuous games that this season has on the line tonight when they are going to play it. entertaining the Canucks. Mike Babcock wants to see his test on another test and still be consistent.


After giving up & # 39; A quarter of bullets against the NHL final season (33.9 each game), Toronto stopped counting that number down this season. So far, they give up the eighteenth largest clearances (32.5), which are still in the league area but rather; show some progress from the previous year.

No matter what he would do on Toronto to do right in that area, however, he had not been on Thursday when the crew had been. Allow 30 invitations in the first two (and 34 overall) times the opponent's face Michael HutchinsonThe Post-The-Leafs went on to lose 4-3 to Minnesota, and they did not. They can make a quick return back to Hutchinson back in the game for a Saturday game.

"The last game, we spent too much. Hutch played a very good start, gave us a bit," said Rielly. "I think it's important that we have a good start up as an organization and that we are able to limit opportunities by gutting our neutral zone and that we will & # 39; faster fractures and make sure we do not get hold of the D zone "

Marleau noted that there is a net in Toronto for no player's work to change. That means going to & # 39; make a tough defensive game that allows the visitor to save and play a & # 39; move out of her belt.

"We need to make sure that we do not have the most" "case and we're in the right place," he said. "I think if we get our query, you play in another team end, so sorry for them to get shots like that. "

With so many talents through the Leafs levels, it is easy for them to be officially captured as long as they are. taking into account other vital components of impact.

"We're skilful. We enjoy playing that game. But the game is moving forward," said Babcock. "In October there is one level, and it's just going to go. And it's going to keep going. It's hard and it's heavy and it's competitors and we need to learn to play that every night. "

Babcock says again then that he thought Thursday was good for the Leafs because he was showing what they are "tending" when they are going to do it. too much skill alone.

"I thought [the Wild] just attached, he did not get everything, "he said." We performed two plays [on first period goals], and they just watched and worked in the & # 39; first time. They had been a lot better, they went to jump more difficult … and spent a lot of time adding thousands to D. If you do not do that right, you will not get what you want all the time. "


If he had his choice, Josh Leive I would like to be part of the Leafs plans. But in early December it was clear that the team had no place to be a day captain now, so Toronto sent him to Vancouver to take him forward Michael CarconeSouth Westerly

Out of the west, Leivo has finally got home, and move to nine-place per night. Through his first 14 games, Leivo put four goals and one help, before being spasms back. This injuries affecting Innisfil, Ontario to be able to; misses a Saturday game in Toronto, but his co-heirs are delighted to have Leivo a & # 39; found its foundations.

"It's too bad [we won’t see him], "Rielly said." He's been playing well for them. He is a man who was here for a long time. It's great to get out there and it's been good. We are happy. "

The Leafs had promised Leivo after the last season, where he appeared in just 16 games, they would not let him sit most on the shelf for another campaign. Appearance Kasperi Kapanen and Andreas Johnsson helped him to make Leivo out.

At the end, we can not play every day we wanted, and I think this is a great opportunity for it, "said Babcock." Now over time, you need He plays with very good players and needs to make himself home. I think it's great for Leivs. "

Leivo finished his career in Toronto with 14 goals and 14 help in 94 games.


Elias Pettersson He did not play for the Saturday Canucks, but the NHL theme was still a talk theme in Toronto.

It has been two days since Pettersson was built by Montreal Canadiens rookie Jesperi Kotkaniemi in a controversial event that continues to go to her. stimulate debate. But as Pettersson is waiting for a MRI on his knees on Saturday afternoon, Canucks's head coach, Travis Green, kept a "uncertain" about the game; despite his team's top prize.

"You have to remember, players have excellent wheels and try to remove time and place," said Green. "It's obvious that it's hard it's not playing, but it's going to take care of it. There are very few, little hooks. That's all the good players. "If you asked Petey, he took part in it, pushed something back. That's not the same as the best players to do."

Green said "without knowing anything" when it comes to Pettersson's injuries, and that the Canucks will try for the MRI Saturday results to find out when it gets back. At this time, Green is hopeful for long-term loss.

"It's a good walk. It looks good," said Green. "I hope he can play very quickly."

Even without Pettersson against the Leafs, Green does not expect to see his team over.

"We do not miss here," he blamed. "It's one part of our team, it's obvious that it's a good player. But we're not lost here, we're here to win it."

Green on Pettersson: We will know more after its MRI today

Canucks manage a & # 39; Travis Green coach says Elias Pettersson does not play tonight in Toronto and MRI is nowadays. Green also tells that he has a young star who walks around and hiss; look good at him, but they know more after the MRI.


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