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In the last round, b & # 39; Table 4 is the ones that were opened in League A, Nations Nations League. The three teams in the table now have the opportunity to terminate their & # 39; roof and won tickets to go on. Spain is the highest nowadays but it has been in every competition. At the same time, England and Croatia have survived. Just as the conclusion between England and Croatia ended up, Spain lost the throne.

90 minutes between England and Croatia today is a vital battle. Everything that wins a winner, from the top, is to go to the ticket and even the situation in European football. Those who face the face will be bitter end, falling to Group B in the next competition. The main purpose of this game is a & # 39; pledged to send her & # 39; very beautiful and dramatic bee.

Direct England vs. Croatia Football League League today's photographs 1811

Compared to a meeting in the 2018 World Cup, the two teams currently are different than before. On Croatia's side, many of the pillars played by the party team helped the way to the border in Russia in the summer, as far as now with teammates. Keepers Danijel Subasic, Vedran Corluka's main and Mario Mandzukic, Kill, and Copa, farewell to the national team. Their route leaves a large gap. At the moment, Croatia has not had a croft for Subasic and Mandzukic.

Zlatko Dalic has been struggling for the past few months, but he is still on the phone. fill the gap. At this time Croatia is not always sure, working completely as it was in the 2018. World Cup As found by the team at Dalic coach, 8 goals should be given. The second largest team in the UEFA Group League of Nations, is just Iceland with 13 goals.

Although Croatia is weak, England has a positive change. At the end of the 2018 World Cup, the Gareth Southgate coach is hosting; try innovative and innovative pieces. These changes are increasing to & # 39; showing results

The most popular Southgate Cup tour of 2018 is the move from 3-4-2-1 to 4-3-3. With this new map, England won 60% of the game. In particular, the play is definitely better, with just 0.8 goals per game. In addition, the Southgate coach has also examined many new features such as Ben Chilwell, Call Willson … This manager has revived the scrambler of Marcus Rashford.

In terms of form, England is now better than Croatia. It is also a strong frame, compared to the unresolved situation for the columns in the Balkans.

In addition, Wembley's play is a great benefit to England. In the last two years, they did not go to 94% of the games on the site. More likely, the Three Lions will keep the tradition playing Wembley's last game last year, to help Southgate winners play, affecting Croatia and growing.

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