League of Champions: Ronaldo offers a certificate to Juventus on controversial punishment (video).


The Golden Ball received five trips to stop the Atlético Madrid stop in the 16 C1 round.

Anear Ajax and Manchester United last week, Juventus was given a new star on Tuesday in the round of 16 of the UEFA Champions League. She returned back a block of two goals that were presented in Madrid to be suitable in rooms.

There was no one but game Cristiano Ronaldo who did a trick. The Portugal visited the first finish of a sentence sentenced to the 86th. But was there a punishment really? In the 84th, Bernardeschi builds half of the field and falls on the surface. The referee takes punishment without delay. At a very high speed, a crque could have one credit in the Juventus players of Correa. But by visiting the series from another area, it seems likely that it is a little bit behind the scenes that balances Bernardeschi. Scone is not unanimous in joining the proceedings and is leading the discussions on social networks. All the intention is to review the 6 minutes 48 video below.

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