League of Nations: Amazing European King, Germany


Wednesday, 11/18/2018 10:07 AM (GMT + 7)

The World Cup is the second 2018 prize at the bottom of the table and with the # Germany in Group 1 is not a group contest for the strongest teams in Europe.

Watch Aerial Video and League play last of the nations 3

League of Nations the new UEFA competition. After the 2018 World Cup, the European teams are divided into four classes, with four recordings on each one instead of the previous set of friendly games.

League of Flames Nations: Amazing European King, Germany - The Croatia Fired - 1

The German king needs to be cleaned himself

In these four divisions, the law will come back as the national competitions. The highest four teams in the highest four (A) arrive at & # 39; final (final and final). The prize for these four teams is the EURO 2020 voluntary ticket if it is eligible for it.

After more than two months of competition, the League of Nations has emerged into the top four teams. England excellent awesome court. Although there was only one point after two games in the first leg, but "triumvirate" hit both Spain and Croatia to capture the four high.

However, England's success is not the biggest surprise. The Netherlands did not qualify for the 2018 World Cup, but rebuilt it. They are in the same group as the French and the previous Scottish advantages, but the "tornado orange" still has a "#; board. They have 7 points against France but they are over the next. minute.

Results 1 and 4 also recorded two disasters. Germany still has a & # 39; Failure to win the 2018 World Cup. They did not win any game in the League of Nations and lost 7 goals. Croatia has also to complete the World Cup quartile of four consecutive points. So, the next season, Germany and Croatia are not the share with the most powerful teams in Europe.

League of Flames Nations: Amazing European King, Germany - Deposit Crown - 2

A & # 39; Portugal is too strong in Group 3 despite Ronaldo's not in

Portagail Ronaldo's presence is still special in record 3. As soon as & # 39; And they got tickets to the fences in just three walks. Italy during the reform with Poland, it is not as good as not, enabling European 2016 games.

There was another wonder in Switzerland. They performed a dramatic drama in Belgium. Iceland was too weak to score. At the same time Switzerland and Belgium together 9 points. 5-2 final impact before the "Reds" to help Switzerland get the incredible one-off tickets.

4 teams in the roundtrips: Holland, Switzerland, Portugal, England

The draw for their final will be held on 12/3/2018.

The League of Nations borders run from 5/6/2019 to 9/6/2019.

Finals held in Portugal.

The four semi-lingual decisions are suitable for the gamers if they are not suitable for the EURO 2020 auditor.

Portagail - Poland:

It turns 180 degrees after its red card in the 63 minutes.

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