League of Nations: Competition that is worth watching


League of Nations: Competition that is worth watching
Surely, the three main teams in the 2018 World Cup (France, Croatia, Belgium) have to stop the & # 39; a group, Croatia has been abandoned, the same reason is with another major major German Germany. Indeed, reputation is not always a real power. But Germany dropped to 11th grade in Group A and lost the seed certificate in the EURO 2020 valuator not because & # 39; they were too bad.
It can not be said that Germany is desirable to have a & # 39; stay out of the top 10 in Europe if 12 of the A-League teams are shared together. Germany is the only group with the Netherlands and France, while & # 39; Switzerland is able to meet it; Belgium and Iceland only So it is unfair. That is a problem in the group, when UEFA entered its & # 39; first League of Nations season.

Will the next season be fairer, for all teams to compete? This can be a subject of an interesting discussion about knowledge. The "yes" in the lightning light of the League of Nations is almost a game, but at last it's so cool. England and Croatia change the product between the roof of their table and drag with just two goals in 12 minutes. Switzerland and Holland also went on to drama.

Anyway, if you look at this competition as a place for friendly and unattractive games, the League of Nations is a lot better. Knowledge is also higher when teams compete in two teams are not different in two sets. There is no such thing as English; Reminds Wayne Rooney (the Telegraph wants Rooney's national grief) in friendship against the United States. There are good games, but only one of them is England – Croatia.

When Liverpool's leader Juergen Klopp said the League of Nations was "unimportant," responded Mircea Lucescu colleague immediately in the club: "Before his own. Klopp would not say if he was over a national team. national play important games like this. "Look out, Lucescu is right. There are several similar ideas, the League of Nations, from Italy, Georgia, Ukraine, Russia … (according to BBC poll). There is rarely to find a common situation between Ukraine and Russia, as it is. In France and Portugal, it is considered that the League of Nations is just another competition, make money.

UEFA EURO 2020 will be new, as the top four in League D Georgia, Belarus, Kosovo and Macedonian. 2 years). Fionnlann is also running for her & # 39; The first time to be suitable for the big leaks, and thanking the players in League C. They do not vote at the League of Nations.

League of Nations Result


– Portugal, England, Switzerland, to its final

– Germany, Iceland, & # 39; Poland, Croatia to League B


– Ukraine, Denmark, Bosnia, Sweden forwarded to League A

– Northern Ireland, Ireland, Turkey, Slock to League League fell


– Finland, Norway, Scotland, and Serbia led to League B

– Lithuania, Slovenia, Estonia, fall to League D


– Georgia, Belarus, Macedonia, Kosovo are promoted to League C

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