League of Nations Drama: expressed? Anyway, it's interesting


Football League, where the Germans are still out. And then names the fans to the opera audience

Give an indication of these facts that Germany has always been in football; win. Uefa gave us a competition where Germany is not in a position; Missing, it's even falling out. No debate can be made about the League of Nations drama. They would agree with the English, which was within eight minutes of leaving the company's campaigners. And the Belgians, who were in charge of two goals against the Swiss face; get a break and they got five pieces in good time.

Measure, drama. But is the League of Nations always replacing the "irreplaceable" of friendly games? Or not just worrying that football and electors are not just peace through an important EP and SP tour. After the last league league games at Tuesday, where football needed to deal with pocket codes to understand their roles for promotion, decline and the next Euro, they are stated: at & # 39; final competition in June in Portugal, there are three champions in A-League, England, Holland and Switzerland Teams. And it is clear that the league gave a number of losses and small beneficiaries (see box), such as Slovenia or Kosovo, who sent 15 visits to Azerbaijan, the Faroe Islands and Malta after they qualify for the Cup of World.

Progress and decline in the League of Nations
From Group B to A: BiH, Denmark, Sweden, Afghanistan; from C to B: Finland, Norway, Serbia, Scotland; from D to C: Belarus, Macedonia, Georgia, Kosovo.
From Group A to B: Croatia, Germany, Iceland, A & # 39; Poland; from B to C: Northern Ireland, Ireland, Slovak, Turkey; from C to D: Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania, Slovenia.

"The big football nations are always complaining that they have to play with small ones, not one from each other. There were complaints from small people who have never won them. Each interesting game, "The League of Nations was held by Uefa President Alasdair CeferinNext Post Can the interest be taken instead of the quality, it is right that the worst team winners, the "worst", can go to the Euro too? "D-League teams are good at being able to rank the Euro, and have not previously managed," There is equality for everyone to protect Ceferin. "I know that one big team is unhappy because they missed, but this is a fun and it's because it's interesting."

This is critics Jürgen Klopp, The Liverpool coach, which is a league of countries – right, also due to personal interests and a club – the "worst competition in the football world", did not agree. There are no other Germans. The League of Nations defeated the football country enough to go down to the basics. Built up to their decision. "The listeners heard the opera listeners, and in Gelsenkirchen it was quiet in the library. This is where the Schalke climbs from the atmosphere from the atmosphere," after a fierce game with the Dutch at Bild, and corrupted the fans for their & # 39; blamed. "Anyone who believes he is in Wolfsburg or Leverkusen is different, he also believes in Santa Claus."

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