League of Storytelling: Contested Riot Complaints to Privilege Users' Privacy Rights | Technology


A great scannel was created in the community of those known League of Storytelling when a Reddit user saw, having detected a security break in the system, the game will access the searches and interact in user browsers.

The war against a piracy and tertiary development program that can affect the playing knowledge of being a stable war for developers who are responsible for protecting users of those negative practices with increasingly interesting and special ways.

According to the user's report, he noticed this way when it opened a browser tab with the search Cheat Engine, a program that allows the user to modify changes in real-time on any software in action, alongside the use of a video game.

After playing two or two, the system reports a mistake in which it is; shows that third-party programs are being used, so the application will be closed so that it does not affect other users.

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The controversy is determined in that truth Riot Games it does not have to advertise in consumer game or anti-piracy game policies; Using browser and reading usage to avoid using such programs, so preventing its & charter and privacy of the players.

However, in the privacy agreement, the company tells how to collect information to avoid the bad practices of some users and again reinforce it in the agreement for guidance in point 7 of the terms of use.

So far this company has not been in & # 39; refers to the subject, and in the # 39; In the community the ideas are shared by those who believe they are; See a breach of their privacy and with those who have their privacy; clarify that its company has been in & # 39; do this from around 2013.

Check the video in which the Reddit user is a & # 39; error statement (is in English and without subtitles.

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