LEAGUE RO-RÀDH , The Arsenal – says that Ramsey has signed for Juventus


Aaron Ramsey appears to have been in London instead of Turin.

BBC and BBC, David Ornstein, the BBC's most current journalist, writing on London night Aaron Ramsey has signed for Juventus.

He has been saying long ago that the Arsenal image was on its way to Serie A, and now Ornstein believes that the contract is signed.

The age of 28 will be free to Juventus when it comes to; contract with an arsenal to end in summer. From Ramsey left for a six-month contract with Arsenal, he has been free to organize with other clubs for a summer move.

According to Ornstein, Ramsey receives £ 400,000 per week, which is around $ 4.5 million.

It's enough to write the best player on Ramsey from the UK, to write Ornstein.

Waliser has been in Arsenal since 2008.

Juventus is currently writing Serie A with 11 points ahead of Naples. Arsenal is in their 6th place in the Premier League.

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