Leaking weakness to weak market, Vn-Index was increased slightly with Blue-chips attempts


At the end of the morning, the market will show signs of weakness gradually. Many of Bluechips dropped as BVH, HPG, VCB, CTG, BHN … The stock had a strong cash flow in the last sessions because PVS also had a & # 39; falling about 100 dong.

However, there are VHM, MWG, PNJ, VJC, GAS, MSN attempts to help them; maintenance market.

In the morning session, Vn-Index was increasing 1.6 points (0.17%) to 924.16 points; HNX-Index raised more 1.12 points (1.08%) to 1050.2 points and indexed more 0.15 points (0.29%) to 52.21 points.

In 3 trading days, the last 3 trading days fell from F1812, F1901 and F1903 and were lower than the VN30 from 6 to 7.5 points. Reservoirs are still aware.

The content was very low with the value of VND1,900 billion. They were empty retailers; in other countries on two exchanges with VND27 billion.


Continuing with the mind in the past, follow the market; increasing from 22/11 minutes. However, change to the # 39; market in the region that is not seen in its stock market in Vietnam.

At 9h45, VN-Index added more than 1.95 points (0.21%) to 924.51 points; HNX-Index raised 1.12% to 105.07 points and Indexed increase up 0.12% to 52.13 points. However, market vulnerability was still low with the value of a VND 700 billion equity value.

Advanced distribution to many sectors such as trips, banking, oil and gas, buildings, buildings, clothes …

In addition, bluechips such as VRE, VJC, PLX, MWG, MSN, BVH … also marketed to keep the green up.

VCG currently has a VND18,500 application price. Today there is also a VCG division of SCIC and Viettel.

SRA continued the stock "hot" raising the price of the tops to 55,400 and this is also the 4th continuous increase.

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