Leann-leannain Chiang Kai was hit by behaviors, black mafia money employs 210 billion bills


Dame drama took place on Central China mid-season town days associated with Kai Phuong's Golden Gate gate. Japanese girlfriend, Haruka Nakaura, after breaking up with a series of sheets; images with brushes, he said that the actor was beautifully curious during her time; love. After that, Chiang Kai Phu posted a post on Weibo, recognizing the violence of Haruka Nakaura, and sent an excuse to relatives, friends and fans to let down.

Drama drama series: Girlfriend Chiang Kai was hit by river behaviors, rented mafia rents 210 pounds - Picture 1.

Jiang Qin Phu was hitting her & # 39; love that was hitting her & # 39; case

After that, a close friend of Chiang Kai Phui stood for him, saying that her brother and actress had a bohemian way of life, not only that he was trying to be pregnant, walking along with another man is still enjoying Chiang Mai, leaving Chiang Kai Phu injured.

Drama series: Girlfriend Battery affected by Chiang Kai, black silver leftover 210 billion - Photograph 2.

Not to stop there, yesterday, Haruka Nakaura had been in & # 39; Speaking, saying she did not get straightforward apologies from the incredible actor. She also helped Jiang Jiabao to use her cas to go to # 39; hitting her spell, causing her to go to her. go away.

Drama drama series: Girlfriend Suitable for Chiang Kai to be injured, black mafia rental silver 210 billion - Photograph 3.

Haruka Nakaura said that Rain had communicated with her family and friends, and she refused to handle her as long as she was giving her. Journalists continue to & # 39; Talk to this person to speak, but it's not about a & # 39; receive a media interview.

There is growing drama as another close friend of Chiang Kai-shek has been doing; Find out more about Haruka Nakaura. This person says Haruka Nakaura has a terrible personal life. She has a relationship between her family and a Japanese mafia, and she is hugged by her lover, bringing 60 million yuan (210 billion).

Drama series: Girlfriend Chiang Kai was hitting with gort-aa, black mafia silver money 210 billion - Photograph 4.

At this time, all the information streams have not been proven by the actor. At the same time, the fans are divided in two sides, the side of the Japanese daughter's support and criticizing Chiang Kai Phu, one side said that things are still hidden, they can not rely on any character N /

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