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Find out what foods can help you to stress pain from the Arab News website, Sunday, November 18, 2018.

There are many signs that cause pain to you, and the illness is a pain; going different, such as stomach disorders, headaches, bitter, so on, so foods that help to pain in a healthy way, and have no impact they have.

Turmeric, where it has been used for medical purposes for centuries, can help to reduce pain, due to the anti-inflammatory, of milk. It is ginger, it's a medicine for bruise, anti-inflammatory, a & # 39; stirring up the stomach, also dealing with pain, cold, by & # 39; boil water, and pour it on. Coffee, it will handle a & # 39; pain naturally, due to the dose that suffers sufficient control of pain, and cure headaches, migration, but no more than one cup per day should be taken, due to the injuries of the disease; enough people.

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Source: Arab News

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