Learn about the details of the Arab World Regal concerts in the Year & New


Arab singers are preparing to play New Year parties and play them. celebrate Christmas. The Arabian Al-Youm website features information about these concerts, both in the Arab and Western countries, with Lebanese Elissa singer and singer Majid El Mohandes who will be able to perform ; celebrating the New Year 2019 in Dubai.

Amr Diab is expected to finalize this year with a concert in Abu Dhabi, where Libya's journalist Rabee Heneidi was published during his account of "Entagram", where He published a picture of his collection on the platform. "In particular, Amr Diab has told me he'll be celebrating the New Year's New Year's Day in Abu Dhabi and it will be a surprise night."

Singer Iraq, Kazem El Saher, also plays a major Lebanese & Casino concert in Beirut on December 31st and will also play a " played several concerts in some foreign countries during January 2019. Post-

The Palestinian singer Mohammed Assaf will listen to his listeners and fans to plays three charitable concerts. He will be given them in Canada for three years after each other, starting in the Mississauga town on 30 December, his second concert on 31 in Edmonton, and the third in his the first day of January, next year 2019 in Surrey.

Singer Lebanon, Nawal Al Zoghbi, celebrates two concerts in Beirut, as part of New Year's markers; New, with her first concert at the Venice Hotel, and the second concert in the Hall; Of Pisa.

Asi Helani is preparing for a major conference on the international homepage in Dubai on Friday, December 7 at 9:00 p.m.

He is also expecting to give his new song "Shu Bakhaf Aliki", as well as a combination of the most beautiful songs with whom he is in love and interacting, including "Wynk Habibi , a little hearted lover, the love of the night, sweethearted love.

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