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Learn about the exhibitions at the theater art house today from the home site, on Monday, November 19, 2018.

Today, on the national platform at the doorstep, the "The Majestic" stage show will be displayed at 9:00 p.m.

And Sameh Mehran's drama game, and Nasser Shaheen, Iman Rajai, Heidi Abdul Khaliq, Marwan Azab, Mohammed Al Azizi, Asma Omar, the baby Maryam Islam, and Tarek Ali's poems, Mr Sobhy, on the Mizu's designs were designed, and the show led by Ahmed Rajab.

Ticket prices: 30-50-70-100

In the loch, the "Sons of the Country" picture will be shown at 8:30 pm and is free.

The play includes several issues, and # 39; including pictures of the poles of the pitch, corruption and civil service law, coptic movement and illegal immigrants and the army and police forces on the border.

And the drama show on "Mohamed Zidan, Mohammed Abasiri, Wael Mustafa, Adel Youssef, Mohammed Saleh, Ruwaida Abdel Salam, Hisham Tarek, Sahar Abdel Wahab, Norhan Salem, Jacqueline Raafat, Isra Ahmed, Yasser Rifai, Amir Abdel Hamid, Mahmoud Fathi, Ahmed Mustafa ", and the design of Abu Bakr Sharif light, and reviews on Farouk Jafar, and written by Mustafa Salim, led by Mohammed Cherkaoui.

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