Learn how to take part in the Cleanse 2018 Name of Serasa that offers discounts of up to 95% on debt by 1 December


Learn how to take part in the 2018 Cleanse Name of the Serasa which offers discounts of up to 95% on debt by 1 December. The Net Serasa User Name is already available on the internet and in this edition there is a reduction of up to 95% for those wishing to clear their name. To get into the negotiation, just reach the serasaconsumidor.com.br/limpa-nome-online platform, to 1st December. After this date, the show will be active, but the percentage of money will be lower.

Those who wish to take part in the event will be subject to special payment conditions to the 1st of December, with longer payment time, as well as the discount. After accessing the site, the party needs to fill in a simple registration, and create a password.

After registering the CPF, the user is able to verify what debt is open and know what to do; company whose name was included in the credit restriction register. If there are tests, the user will see a list of the proposed contracts to set the necessary issues. In some cases, proposals are already set up with the companies that participate before, with the option to be able to; cast out the band for release.

In this journal, the user can reorganize the debt directly with the registered companies. These include Banco Santander, Porto, Itaú, Claro, NET, Recovery and Vivo.

According to Serasa, there is still no fixed date for the Name Fair Faire Clean, which is held annually. The company said, however, that the reconfiguration should take place later on; This month, probably in the last week of November.

By 2017, according to Serasa, about a million people reorganized their arrears. The number was higher than in 2016, once the 320,000 event re-negotiated.

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