Learn how to watch Messages on WhatsApp without submitting them online and without the # 39; tic blue & # 39;


For many people WhatsApp has a huge problem, that is, it is delivering the user online and also has a & # 39; case & add & # 39; blue screening when a message is displayed in the application.

Many do not see any problem, but others think it is a real attack; on privacy. The good news is that there is a simple free solution to this problem.

O Flychat It is a simple free application that authenticates its & # 39; query about ensuring privacy is completely in WhatsApp, just a & # 39; go to the Google database and download it to your left-hand phone.

What Flychat is capable of doing

This application will work as if it were a messenger identifier and to send WhatsApp users unfortunately to write, not to # 39; oversee the person on the other.

Flychat will create a wet dialogue on the smartphone screen, as it will have on a Messenger Facebook on the Android system and all that is displayed will be hidden to the add-on, so you can send the messages you are Want to see and the person on that side you do not know.

When you download the APP, you only need to allow the messages to be accessed and then need to be shown in cover to the other requests. In the option & Cover & # 39; and then let 's & # 39; Overcoming other apps & quot ;, the option & # 39; Get your message, and must also be checked.

When a message comes into WhatsApp, the Flychat Come in and open a bubble, just click and read everything without informing us. And if you write the answer, the person does not know what you are doing on the other side; writing.

It is only when the message is answered then the ticket & # 39; blue.

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