Continuing in eIt is a bad situation in a bad state of 2 years and eight months that was correctly sent out by one of the Quilpué's hospital officers This rent is over

The boy arrived during the last trip with his parents to the hospital, which gave him a picture of stomach disease that affected him.

"My wife went into the emergency department at Quilpué Hospital in consultation with a child's diarrhea picture. They made the normal way of temperature and weight and a Pakistani doctor attended him, who introduced the seed order, "said the father, the child, Gustavo Zamudio, The Valparaíso Star.

Later on, he explains Zamudio, "my woman is considering her medication that was sent to my son and her nurse explained that it was a vial of a sheriff, but he made the mistake that the blister that was going to get it for other patients. Lidocaine was just a bit; The vein created that the child had begun to inspire, and, stopping, staying with the eyes fixed, the white eyes in a minute and did not; gone. "

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After this, chaos came to hospital. "They did not know what they should do, they stopped the attention of the emergency around half an hour, they did not block anyone and He had to leave his house until he was a director of the hospital and his nurse. No one knew what to do to see the parameters in the crash and realized they had two brackets: the serum that he put and the lidocaine. Then they realized that this was the capture and unemployment that lasted about a minute, "said the father.

Now, the little man has gone into the house Pediatric Occupational Patient Unit of Chlínica del Mar, where it gets to & # 39; care and procedures to determine what their impact is & how; error in the injection.

In Quilpué Hospital, in the meantime, he sent a statement to & # 39; lamenting what he said "Hospital Administration confirmed the monitoring of clinical review to establish the corresponding administrative responsibilities."

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