Leave Brayan Cortés Colo Colo if Agustín Orion recognizes his contract


The Iquiqueño wants to play and from the national team of Chile asking them to be active to consider. So, if the Argentineant remains, he will try to leave. In Chacique they do not want this to be done. happening, so there is a rare chance to come.

The good shows of Brayan Cortés in the Silein national team are the highlight of everything in Colo Colo. More to include Agustín Orión, the dictator, who finalizes his contract at the end of the year.

In principle, Argentine did not want to renew the Libertadores Cup, but it's so comfortable and happy in Colo Colo He is willing to make a great sacrifice as long as salary, and so the option was opened.

This has warned the producer of Cortés. Apparently, that is From the election, they tell the Iquiqueno that they need to be active to continue calling them, either in a memorial or outside, so his decision is to leave Colo Colo if Orión is restoring a contract.

Now, the Iquiqueño is an asset of the Cacique and does not allow them to leave them so easy. And, here, his employer already puts the rod before the lot is and even does not; split formulas for "with a hook or a crook".

Everything depends on Orion. If it does not update, Cortés will stay with her; bow and there are no major problems, but the Popular will look for another supporter for fighting in the post, yes or no. But if the old Boca Juniors are left, an important message can come.

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