Leave in love with entrepreneurs! Dr. Li Changyi was married in the United States the next month Apple Daily


Named as "Modern Holmes", "Tracker", Dr Li Changyi, a good news, married in Cannes, USA on December 1, aimed at entrepreneur Yangzhou, Jiang Xiaping.

He was a 40-year-old woman at Li Changyi, Song Miaojuan. Both had a deep feeling, but Song Miaojuan was in coma after a stroke in the last year. He was sent to a hospital in the United States on the night of July 31. He died at the age of 78.

"World Daily" said Li Changyi's good news is now. He married Jiang Xiaping who has been familiar with each other for many years. It is expected that a wedding will be held on 1 December and only the children and relatives of the two parties will be invited to participate. Jiang Xiaping is chairman of the Yangzhou Nursing Center chairman of Jiadi Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., and has several books and scripts. (New News Unit / Total Report)

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