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This Sunday the team team and coach meet to make a decision.

Guillermo Sanguinetti

The Uruguayan coach Guillermo Sanguinetti.


Mauritius Léon / EL TIEMPO



February 10, 2019, 12:17 a.m.

After a new defeat in El Campin de Bogotá, 0-1 this Saturday against Deportes Tolima, with only 2 points in four games that were played in the Colombian League, Uruguay Guillermo Sanguinetti's coach departs from the nearby Santa Fe technical department.

On Saturday night, the first meeting was held between the coach and the guides to try to find out the difficult situation of the team, which is in Bogota. dragging collection and two losses in the season.

Today, in the evening, there will be a new meeting between the two parties to try and get an agreement which is more suited and allows the 54-year-old technology opportunity to do so; , which has a contract with the Bogota club until December this year.

Santa Fe will look for a DT near the house and in the house; first record of candidates to take the situation Argentinean Gustavo Costas, coach who won the 2014-II and 2016-II titles with his club, plus Superliga 2017 and the Suruga Bank Cup in 2016, similar to Wilson Gutiérrez, a well-known man who also made Santa Fe a championship in 2012-I, a title by which the red team ended up with a 36-year-old problem.

There are also Gerardo Bedoya's names, who work with the center and take a role in the training of basic armored players, and Diego Edison Umaña.

In addition, it is thought of it Hernán Torres, current coach Alajuelense de Costa Rica, a team named after 30 January and who won the title by Millonaries (2012-II) and took forward the promotion of America from Cali to its first category in 2016.


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