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Major events

  • Often three months after its hard moving, Nicolas Hulot came out of today's Sunday silence on France 2.
  • Emmanuel Macron, who was a minister said the crisis was "avoided" yellow prizes but considered "not to be heard". "I said at that time, but I did not confirm and I was facing budget constraints," he said.
  • He praised a "social partnership worthy of the name" in deaf conversation with a spokesman for his / her move, and Supports an increase in fuel tax.
  • Finally, there is no question to support a European list in May 2019. Even less to start the Elysee race in 2022: "A vision of mind," disappeared it was short.

»Leave the exhibition in good time

DISCUSSION OF EVENTS. His understanding of the movement of yellow messages, and his feeling that it was a great help in the government, was called for a breakdown of a citizen … Our analysis of the intervention of Nicolas Hulot is here .

23:00. The display will be completed. Thank you all for continuing to & # 39; this political party.

10:57 p.m .. No regional commitment. Nicolas Hulot refuses to support a particular political party or a list especially for the European women in May 2019. "I support all the suggestions, all the comments and if En Marche is interested in these subjects, please welcome it. But I do not do anything that shares it.

10:52 p.m .. Posted by tweet, Nicolas Hulot will return to his short promise by Macron: "The thief is to stay in the office and to think that everything is right because I'm a minister […] He worried me to be a minister but I went on because I had a mission.

10:46 p.m .. "Ecology is a responsibility for rich and wealthy countriesContinuing by Nicolas Hulot. We have ecological debt in terms of Africa ".

10:44 pm .. "Citizens have to take control of themselves and not just criticize political action. As a beneficiary, we need to take action in this guide," she & # 39 ; praise.

10:43 p.m .. Feedback from Juliette Binoche. The French actor, who fits a forum on the fight against global warming after Nicolas Hulot retired, Invite the set.

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Juliette Binoche on the series of "Political Emission" / France 2 Screenshot

10:33 p.m .. Alain Finkielkraut's politician and philosophy turned aside to say: "It would not be worse than ecology to be a monopoly of eyes and hipsters," he says. Nicolas Hulot agrees.

10:29 p.m .. Nicolas Hulot still believes how important it is; is the technological advance to save its planet.

10:28 p.m .. He also says businesses are at the heart of this ecological change. Including an example of LED screw. Reduced to & # 39; energy consumption but is not created in France for a lack of competitiveness.

10:25 p.m .. Medef CEO Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux said he is supporting carbon tax. But it is "flexible", "at European level" and "we will only remove one single euro tax".

10:20 p.m .. On agricultural model. "We need to get rid of this situation" with the big farmers who Using poisoning, Nicolas Hulot says, describing CAP reform after 2020. "Put the media into so that those people are not outside" to the government.

10:15 p.m .. "At one time, I was adorned." Although challenged about preventing glyphosate in a three-year period, he says that he was subjected to "contraction", and prevented some of the & # 39; local elected officers.

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10:12 p.m .. Place for debate. Around the table, the farmer's Céline Imart, who is using glyphosate for use, head of Medef Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux as well as Alain Finkielkraut, philosophy.

10:10 p.m .. Macron Distinctive Nicolas Hulot does not want to go over the headquarters. "I think we are in a tired democracy and we must bring citizens closer to political decisions," he was happy to let.

10:06 p.m .. The largest president of 2022? Nicolas Hulot says he did not think about it. "It's a vision of mind, a story of journalists. Things have happened before that time," he says.

10:05 p.m .. But, indeed, what is the balance of Nicolas Hulot in this post? Success, failures, unfinished projects … We take a summary of the fifteenth months of the year; work here.

10:02 p.m .. "It's a helpful task to retire". Nicolas Hulot raised his tears when he spent his job on the French Frontier: "I had no windows in their pockets".

22:00. In memory, Emmanuel Macron needs to be delivering a future multi-year energy program in a week.

9:57 p.m .. What is the energy mix? He says that the 2035 target for 50% of the nuclear part in achieving efficient electricity generation. He was suspended the date of ten years.

But this seems to be a long way with at least 6 reacted closures by 2028, as well as the two of Fessenheim, and that a new EPR has not been built.

LEABH ONLINE>Nuclear: how many reactors will the government close?

9:55 p.m .. Nicolas Hulot is now dealing with the future of nuclear power in France.

9:47 p.m .. Do these malformations come from a chemical cause? Pesticides? Excluded result used? A causal link is not yet established by the health authorities. Understand everything in this case THIS.

9:45 p.m.. "The sweat is very much anticipated […] We should use the minimum principle of use, "said Nicolas Hulot.


9:42 p.m .. "France would have been doing this very well between ecology and social," Nicolas Hulot regrets. He also says that he is not responsible for this situation. The emergency was not "persistent" but said "not to be heard".

9:39 p.m .. "We're going to let people die at the side of the road," Continuing with the speaker, who is concludes by promising the move to & # 39; Contrary to "silence of government".

9:38 p.m .. Nicolas Hulot responds : "I said that at the time, and it's not secret, there is budget constraints that did not allow the government to increase this social support, or at least to prove it I will do it now."

9:36 p.m .. The exchange is alive. For the arguments about the necessity of ecological shift in the face of "disaster illness", Benedict Fulou believes "tax tax sufferers" have been part of Nicolas Hulot for the government .

9:33 p.m .. "Go down to the ground". An invitation from Benoit Julou, who is responsible for golden shows in Saint Brieuc, is dissatisfied with the words of Nicolas Hulot.

21:30. In summary, Nicolas Hulot wants a government-focused tax event (energy survey, high turnover, business support …), not to impact on carbon tax and fight against "the end of the the world. "

9:27 p.m .. "There is inequality in comparison to taxes in general, not just ecological fees […] The exclusion can be found on the ones that were included ".

9:24 p.m .. Hulot wants a "social partnership worthy of the name". "It is important to understand the CFDT's suggestion to" "disagree the distribution of their ecological blogs," he says, divide the report on "low tax".

9:22 p.m .. Talk to a & # 39; FULL GELLTS theme from the start of the show. Nicolas Hulot has preserved for years for more ecological fees to fund energy and environment funding.

9:20 p.m .. For his post. Nicolas Hulot says he has no regret for this desirable activity. "Maybe it's hard to believe," he admits today. On the basis, there is no regret. "It's not the game right now."

9:17 p.m .. "We did not have the same judgment about the state of our plan and the dangers of your humanity. So from now on we do not have the same judgment, we do not offer the same cure ".

9:15 p.m .. "We did not understand each other with Emmanuel Macron". The show begins with a series of interviews by Thomas Sotto at the base of the largest French glacier, the Mer de Glace, in Chamonix.

9:11 p.m .. Nicolas Hulot looks very interesting. Just sitting on the front of Léa Salamé, he & # 39; express the "refusal" in which society is a " challenging the weather right now. "I have been right after spending a while with my family. But for a good time, we should not look up against us. Sometimes it's a shame. This is a bit of our community problem, "he said.


9:07 p.m. Morning famous on August 28th. Live on France Between and without warning to the head or Prime Minister, the Minister of the Ecosystems has stated that he is leaving, saying "everyone to move" on environmental issues in government.

Since then, the old television host, who said that he was worried to do anything "to harm this government", was very unsure, and only denied it; edit a booklet and welcome some tweets of moving on the weather on your street or on your street.

8:55 p.m .. What should I expect? "He's back to talk about ecology, this ecological difference, relationships, issues, solutions," said one of his relatives, BP LREM Matthieu Orphelin , to ensure that it was not; going to "." He wants to be helpful, to bring the cause forward and there is a thousand ways to do, "he said.

20:45. Confessions outdoors. The journalist Thomas Sotto invited this autumn Nicolas Hulot on the largest French glacier, Sea of ​​Ice in Chamonix. Here is a row of the report that was broadcast tonight.

8:40 p.m. Absent … or almost. Parisie received Nicolas Hulot at his home in Saint-Lunaire in mid-September … her smile and her. tired to prevent it! Our report THIS.

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Nicolas Hulot on September 13, 2018 in Saint-Lunaire (Ille-et-Vilaine) ./ LP / ARNAUD DUMONTIER

20:30. Environmenters are waiting for at that time. A green camps have a & # 39; Thinking that Hulot can not help to regenerate the fight of the climate, move Emmanuel Macron and go to; speaking more widely to the French, is deeply concerned with the increase in fuel price, and that the government's notices appear to have been satisfied. Finished here.

8:20 p.m .. Welcome to this political party.Nicolas Hulot speaks (politician) More than three months after his amazing career from the MacRa government live on radio.

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