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Ayed al-Qarni: Give these words away from your dictionary permanently, and set out the site of the citizens' newspaper, on Saturday, November 17 2018.


Ayad Al-Qarni: Delete those words from your dictionary

Citizen – Riyadh

Dr. Ayed al-Qarni emphasized the need to eradicate words from all Muslims from his dictionary.

Qarni said: And the words that were deleted: "I can not, I can not, I will not succeed, scare … etc".

"I left the negative thought, and I do the job and try again with a decision, a desire and a hope."

"Do not stop it, but a lively and hopeful hope, which gives a description of the entrepreneur and collector's editor Bill Bill Gates failed in some of the university's stuff while & # 39 , my friend was successful, my friend is now an engineer of Microsoft, I am a company. "

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