Lebanese is blind to the world of Australia and in the streets and competitions


Translating "bricklayer"

A new Lebanese achievement… this time from the signature of the powerful woman Lara Nakhla who marveled the world with her wonderful voice and amazing talents, even though she was born blind.

New Zealand-born young Lara Nakhla found her talent and love for music from an early age. She started playing piano two years before singing at the age of five and took part in Sydney, at school and charity. The audience has a special awareness of social, religious and church events, and amateur programs.

In 2017, Lara took part in the Australian Voice, catching not only because she was "blind" but also wanted to hear her amazing voice and fun. Will be public.

Lara, who studied psychology to take advantage of her evidence to help people in the future, says that the most promise and promise to inspire others is singing in front of people. through music.

In Lara, she shares her accounts through social networking sites and official channels, recorded videos, and events in which she sings and perform piano, and places where she plays in houses. T , streets and other places. t

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