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12 daily health benefits can lead to eating!

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Jeddah – With Talal Al-Hamoud – Garlic is widely used to give a flavor of the food, but its benefits are not limited to this level but it has many health benefits to enable many diseases.

The chemical chemical, which is found in religion, has an amazing effect such as antibiotics, antixicotic, as well as its ability to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure.

Here are 12 religious benefits that you are likely to eat every day, according to the Daily Health website: t

1. The fight against Anthrax

Garlic helps to fight anthrax, fatal bacteria that pose a threat to humans and animals, as a result of the shock available to humans, which is better than most antibiotics t chemical.

2 – advanced antibiotic

Anti-antibiotic attacks are a concern all over the world, as too much antibiotics causing bacterial change can lead to the removal of treatments from the commonest diseases, which pose a great risk to human health.
– Food poisoning
– A UTI and a large pile of creels
– Diarrhea
Trout fever
– Gastrointestinal nests

3. Keep good spines of wool

Unlike antibiotics that kill every type of bacterium in the intestine, garlic keeps good fat bacteria inside, which is particularly important in maintaining human health as a result of carrying carbon. on site that feeds bacteria well.

4. Reduce blood pressure

Surveys have shown that eating habits is the best treatment for blood reduction without any effects.

5. Prevent blood flooding

Garlic was the top of a list of natural foods that help flow blood and stop the thickness of the blood and so prevent heart attacks, such as alesin, that work as aspirin in these cases.


6 – control of blood sugar

Eating raw foods will have helped them to reduce blood sugar levels and help them to hold important chemical gases to keep insulin disposal, called the hormone which is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels.

7. Maintaining heart health

Garlic contributes to keeping heart health, decreasing the rate of cholesterol, preventing clothing and barriers from systems, regulating weight, as well as being oxidant.

8. Stopping breast cancer

Two recent studies have shown how effective the treatment of stomach cancer cells has been due, also thanks to the alkine connection available.

9 – Treatment of lead poisoning

The result of heavy metals is the cause of poisoning for people and found in some household products, such as detergents and sometimes some food, and the most effective method of controlling lead poisoning compared to drugs with the same impact.

10. Lung cancer prevention

The organic sulfur edges found in particular to support the health of the lungs, and to find one check that a single crude eating twice a week could at least reduce the risk of lung cancer by 44% .

11. Destruction of wear

The bacterial slaughter of TB bacteria, one of the major causes of death worldwide, by stopping the simulation of protein and encouraging immune activity and inflammation. Garlic works quickly, revealing a dramatic drop in bacterial infection within 24 hours.

12 – handling the fungus Candida

Candida is a natural fungus which lives in the system of the system but when it gets worse and gets out of control, causing ongoing problems, especially for women. T Like fungal diseases in the depths, garlic raw is the best solution to this problem.

It is recommended that they may eat raw crust after pushing or pushing to get out of this useful Zeutah.

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