24 hours after the train crash. Extensive learning on Mohammed Salah due to the publication of this image

CAIRO (Reuters) – The Egyptian star Mohammed Salah surprised and criticized the thousands of fans on the Thursday morning when he published a "stimulating" picture of the emotions of Egypt, less than a day After the bloody incident in Cairo Wednesday.

A large number of people were killed in a major fire at the main railway station in the capital of Egypt in Cairo. A train started to hitting a house-side. Egyptian television said 25 people were killed and over 40 injured.
But a Liverpool player photographed it and covered his face with laughter on his Facebook and Twitter accounts on Thursday morning to inspire spectators who gave an indication of the "unsuitable" release time and that the laughter " "He said.
Salah did not pay a recommendation on Wednesday, in which he sent out families of the victims of the incident, where many of the majority attacked the ideas, and explained how he was "sad".
"Surely there are people who died waiting until you see at night, and they were ready to be taken out of their pockets to go to coffee and encourage them. The event in England, you would have a summary of sadness and sadness on your face. "
Several respondents commented on the image of the heroist Walid Mardi, who appeared in a video movie through the event that was in the event; carrying a big boat of water, in an attempt to save the saves of the possible ones from the injured who took a fire in their bodies.
Reporters report appropriately: "This is the real shoe of the Arabians," a title that has been strongly linked to social networking sites.
"I was one of the beginners of the railways and I was shooting like that," said another, with hundreds of interesting signs that gave him ideas, a picture of Salah with the team when he was a teenager at a ramses station. Your answers must be measured. What do you understand from your smile? "
Salah played for her in the Premier League meeting against Watford on Wednesday evening, where Liverpool won a 5-0 victory; Despite the failure of Salah to scan or write; set of aims.

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