5 tips for bitter sour treatment at home

The field treatment may not be required by many medical drugs, unless there are other medications. This type of disease can be treated at home through these remedies:

Thanks to the antibacterial and casual buildings, thousands will accelerate the healing process of the neck. Honey works to pull water from a locked machine, by reducing swelling, swelling and pain. A few tablespoons of honey can be added to warm water glass and eat them.

Garlic helps to & # 39; fight better, and garlic is dried with strong antibacterial buildings and is difficult for neck and body.

Water and hot drinks
Mode at least 2 liters of water each day to relieve breast. Alcohol such as shoes, heat and herbs is also treated and treated; sour relief.

Change Bruce Danny
If the sore throat is repeated, you should get a new tooth. In the long term, bacteria gather on a bank; tooth, and return and go to; going into the oral system and body through small lesions and causing inflammation again.

Rest and eat healthy food
In addition to cold and cold, stomach and tiredness can cause a bitter acid. So you should relax and follow the habits for a healthy life, especially sleep enough and take a mixed and balanced diet.

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