A food shortage is ahead of the Arab world

Dr. Khalid Al-Fadhel, Minister for Oil, Electric and Water in Kuwait State, Chairman of the Arab Labor Council, emphasized the importance of establishing a truly Arab framework for constructive collaboration, policy coherence and programs and programs. bringing forward projects to overcome the challenges that currently exist for the crisis of water and food in the Arab area. Arab Water and Agriculture Ministers.

This was in a speech by Ambassador Ahmad Al-Bakr, Permanent Representative of Kuwait to the Arab League, to a Joint Meeting of Arab and Water Arab Ministers, held on Thursday at the Arab League main office with an interest. from terrible ministers and Arab country representatives, Arab experts and senior officials. Funding agencies and countries.

Dr. Al-Fadhel emphasized the importance of developing solutions and attracting funding for agricultural water management and improving the efficiency of its continuation in pursuit of Arab countries to follow the 2030 Sustainable Development Plan and the achieving economic, social and environmental objectives. Arabic.

He argued that the water situation in the Arab countries "requires many challenges, especially the scarcity of water resources and their constraint to continuing population growth, urban expansion and economic growth." Climate threats and their obvious impacts from water shortages, affecting the economic, social and environmental conditions in the Arab area, encompassing all Arab citizens and creating new challenges for their climate. looking for a better effort and conservation of water resources and ensuring continuity for future generations.

He confirmed the agriculture sector is not regarded as one of the largest water-related sectors. The agricultural projects are being realized and are producing productivity and high economic growth. Food security is a welcome theme. achieved through practices and processes which will improve water resource management and improve water use in agriculture.

Al-Fadhel said that a modern food shortage with the Arab world is the biggest in the world due to increasing food, shortages of water resources and the erosion of agricultural land. hand.

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