A person who gathers “wealth” with what he finds on Facebook garbage!

A retired man who said he was a “wealth” by looking into the waste basket at Mark Zuckerberg, a Facebook founder.

In the New York Times, Jake Orta described himself as a “financial hunter”, although it is a full-time waste investigation.

Jake's 56-year-old studio is full of resources sourced from the waste research, in particular from Zuckerberg house.

In Zuckerberg junk, looking for a sweeper Jake, a cutting machine, a coffee maker and a large bag of luxurious clothes.

Jake claimed to earn between $ 30 and $ 40 a day, or $ 300 a week, of stuff and stuff from trucks.

Jake's exploits of a litter trap in the vicinity of his house included smartphones, iPads and 3 hours of hands.

Jake had already found a collection of silver pots and lots of vessels and plates and "as if it were thrown out of the Europeans," he said.

Jake confirmed that it is difficult to sell children's dolls or the women's clothes as buyers are discouraged from the idea that he has got it from garbage vessels.

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