A scared not b & # 39; Catar can arrange the World Cup "Infineto" for co-ordination

Gianni Inventino, president of the Football Association (FFA), said Thursday, he was not sure that Catar would be able to win the 2022 World Cup host after increasing the number of teams to 48 countries.

The United Kingdom, Bahrain and UAE partnership can host the World Cup hosting peace in the Middle East and end the Arab Qatar flag, going for almost half a year.

FIFA president said Doha was still working to host only 32 teams, which FIFA is trying to change in the future.

"We also saw, with the 2026 appeal, set up the World Cup opportunity for the three countries of the United States of America, Canada and Mexico, which I also think are not the best political or diplomatic relationships.

FIFA president wanted to go to; Increasing the number of teams that participated to 48 during the next World Cup Cup, which Qatar can not pay, especially as only eight stadiums are fitted to host the main international competition.

For this, she continued on "State of Qatar" to encourage the efforts of Arab and Islamic nations to consolidate relationships at different levels with Iran in the past, – participating in the World Cup hosting in his 2022 edition by Tehran.

"Qatar is considering offers from other countries to keep 48 teams in the 2022 World Cup, but a decision has not yet been made," said the head of the AFP organizing committee.

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