A scientist has expressed his disorder that has been eliminated

Scientists have been damaged by finding out that the galaxy is converted and removed. His idea was; It has been a long time ago that there was a worldwide earthquake in the world in which there was a stable and stable way, but for the first time, The scientists could map correctly on the batteries to indicate that it was split and its; grow faster when coming near the edges.

Scientists have been difficult to see a form of a galaxy at a time when they can map other galaxies for a long time and why our world is connected in the middle of our galaxy and sadness. Scientists are happy to & # 39; Estimates an Envelope route to someone standing in his home garden and trying to understand the shape of his home.

Researchers have now used 1339 stars to map the true shape of a galaxy and find out that the star version moves up because it is come to the edges away from the flat shape that scientists see in other galaxies.

Spectators often consider helical galaxies as a flat flat galax such as Andromeda, which can easily be seen by a telescope, Professor Richard De Grace, a member of the team researchers and researchers at the University of Macquarie, Australia, are named The Independent.

If we look at our galaxy from outside and from a distance we'll see a tiny dance of stars. coming from a medium place for a few hundred million million each time, there are hundreds of billions of stars and a dark theme, and that's all mixing.

But, further afield from the Silent galaxy of Caitich, the attractive place is a & # 39; reduced. As a result, the hydrogen adomes that create a gas disc of the Beautiful Way are bent in the form of the goddess outside, and are not now tied together with a lightweight.

Scientists have thought about decades which may result in the withdrawal of hydrogen in the; Our stomachs are stylish in shape, but the new study shows that there are young stars and there are, verify that the binary string of the Milky Route comes from the focus or force that arises when the internal inside disk is in a position; turn from the stars.

CEO, Xiaodian Qin, of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Academy, said that it was difficult to determine the distance from the sun on parts of the outdoor gas disc on the Beautiful Way without a clear idea of science is a true dance format.

Experts have been seeing similar galaxies in their rivers, although they are rare but we did not know beforehand that we have the galaxy; related to this galaxy group.

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