After the separation from the union. How did he say Khaled Abu Naga and Amr Waked?

Khaled Abul-Naga referred to a decision by Sindicate of Representations in Egypt which canceled his membership of his Twitter account. ”I would like Mr Naqib to contact us before I decided decide how keen you can get out of the country. "Amr Waked only said:" The Union of political secrets. "

An Egyptian Representation Decision decided to cancel the membership of Abu Naga and Waked artists, against the meeting with members of the US Congress, and to condemn their country.

The syndicate reported that: “Syndicate is the production process of the twin members of the couple, Amr Waked and Khalid Abu Al-Naga, a good betrayal of the country and Egypt's people. influencing the great willingness of the external forces and based on their great willingness and decision making to pass them on to the supporting agenda agenda Colleges are committed to security and stability of the agenda. , So Sindicate represents representative professionals asserting that they wish to abolish their membership and disqualify from doing so. To achieve security, improvement and peace security .. ".

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