Ahmad Saad answers his allegation of violence against Sumaya al-Khashab

Amir Fathi wrote on Tuesday 9 April 2019 09:01 AM – In his first opinion on the issue of his divorce from Sumaya al-Khashab, Ahmed Saad confirmed that he had no emergency and was seriously injured. with the issue, saying: “I'm not clean and I have no problems. "People bring in your winning and get good."

He said, «Saad», while he was meeting with the program «the Arab side»: «each Petkhanq at the border, Bihouh is behaving his mind minds that he is Majabsh It was splendid and I was fine and we were staying in a bit of beauty and it was unnecessary. «News that I won't respond to».

At the end of his lecture, artist Ahmed Saad avoids responding to the recent news, through newspapers and websites, noting that this is just the type of news t aims to bring the illustration of the artist and public figures.


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