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The first session of the Ministerial Ministerial Statement of President Saad Hariri was launched yesterday at his position in the State of Serail, depending on the expected pace. The tone was so sad, not justified by the "Ministerial Ministries of Camille Abu Suleiman" for the committee, who was not appointed by the Council of Ministers as a member, and an attempt to Seach Saad Hariri presented the "McKenzie" report to one of the "national accounts" included in a ministerial statement. In the first instance, the members of the Committee and the Chair (Prime Minister) were surprised when Abu Sulaiman was going to go to; participate in the meeting. Minister Salim Gryasati opposed this because "committee members are set by decision from the Council of Ministers." Economic files, "replied Grysati," he had to ask him at his first meeting of the government in Baabda ", before Hariri was introduced and sent to the President of the Republic of Public, Michel Aoun, to resolve this question, agrees on Abu Suleiman's involvement in the Committee's meetings. In the second, Hari's draft statement is likely to be passed to committee members , to build on agreeing the statement agreed with the Council of Ministers, including the "McKenzie" report on the Libanus economy. Remember that the previous government has requested its & # 39; a compulsory company to investigate the fact of the economy and its solutions to solve its emergency. Later this year, he set out a report to explain In fact, in its own way, and solution solutions n but different from the "ready-ready edition" offered by international institutions to troubled economies, which usually lead to poorer mortgages and credit estates. He clarified the McKinsey report: privation, public sector salaries, increase subsidies, debt to growth, and # 39; Increase the designation of migration and its attendance at the regional economy! (See "The News," 5 January 2019). But most of the waiters refused Hariri's suggestion as they did not. See the report and the debate was not made by the email address; before. The committee's sources commented on the "positive debates" as "we have not seen any intention of preventing any minister". Although the debate is still a youth, the enjoyment shown in the first session says there is no surprise that would stop the statement, which confirmed the sources of committee "to be completed this week." Depending on the session, "authentic interests" are focused on the stage after the government has contributed to confidence and working on the files that cause, in particular in economy and finance ».

Sheidiak said she had to attend Abu Sulaiman for her help with economic issues

On the other hand, the word war between Prime Minister and leader of the Socialist Party Walid Jumblatt is to increase television and Twitter. It has been clear that the creation of government, as well as connecting direct bridges between Hariri and Jumblat, combine friendship at a previous crossroads. In response to Jumblatt, Al-Horri said, "The state is not essential to us but not an admitted statement for any leader or party. Our project is clear and its goal is to lose the lost state and the guards Introduce rubbish to headquarters! "Twitter has not Twitter to make a policy," said Hariri in a Twitter on Twitter. "It's an hour to go to; gives politics due to disagreement. "Jumblatt said," No, Your Majesty, not the state itself or your colleague, and not a contract book. "It is a public investment in the first edition of the proposed ministerial statement and the loan yield is 17 billion back," he said, saying "It's enough that this item sets out the priorities to find out what we are going to move forward." He said that "there is no security for some time. Money and control." Then Jumblatt expanded the tweet. President of Socialism at his home in Clemenceau Yesterday, Elizabeth Ambassador Richard, attended Wael Abu Faour's Business Minister.
On the other hand, in a speech at the Institute of Political Science in Paris, the Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, said "he is committed to bringing back friendship with Syria, who continues to sitting in the United Nations, even though we had previously fought, because the only neighbor in Lebanon is "

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