"Al-Arush" supporters will be supporting his characters in the Beirut streets

Beirut – Palestine today

"Game of Thrones" series fans demonstrated their commitment, days before the final season, and some banned banners in support of heroes in the streets of Beirut.

"The people of Beirut support John Snow in battle against the White Walkers," he said, "The Friends of Faisal Al Tamrawi" To the last battle t -a series played by "Snow" and other parties that represented the world of biology to the world of the dead led by "the King of the Night."

Aegon Targrayen's John Long Snow is a sign that in the last quarter of the last quarter the Snow is a Yegon Targarian Snow, and in a third mark, "the John of God protects you."

The Guardian described the series as “the biggest television drama that the public has been talking about,” while the New York Times told us that they were biggest fan of Lady Gaga, Harry Potter, Star Wars fans.
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