Allegri tells how Ronaldo's study was seen and how close he has been to Ajax.

The Juventus Massimiliano Alegre coach confirms that Cristiano Ronaldo, the former star of Real Madrid, is soon to return to the stadium.

The Juventus Massimiliano Alegre fellowship has confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo is very close to returning to the stadium after a recent injury.

This came in a news report that Alegre had made in a press conference, in which he confirmed that the coming days of Ronaldo's status against Ajax could be seen.

"Cristiano works to get back as fast as possible, I hope he is ready for Ajax's game," said Allegri.

He said: "It looks better through his exam today, and the degree is better, there will be another clinical scan to check his level."

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“We still have nine days to play, and we will have time to assess everything fully, but we can take full care of our injuries."

It should be noted that many of the news releases have not been following on a Ronaldo quarterly match between the Juventus League and Ajax.

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