Anemia symptoms and suggestions for healing

Anemia is a common illness that many people get as a result of malnutrition.

According to the medicinenet site, anemia symptoms are:

Anemia symptoms

1: tiredness, tiredness, and big weakness in the body unable to make an effort.

2: very real problem in skin and yellow.

3: severe breast pain and acceleration of breathlessness heart.

4 In the members, especially their hands, it's cold.

5: Feeling a bit of fun, blindness and headache.

6: Inflammation and severe pain in the speech and mouth.

7: Call for food and weight.

8: Blow in the nails and look like white spots.

9: a hair weakness and falling and falling.

There are some suggestions to help you manage anemia

Suggestions for healing anemia

1: Eat food in their scheduled times and have five meals and each has a high proportion of vitamins and nutrients that need health for their body.

2: Drink plenty of water and pay attention to drinking natural and warm water.

3: The huge amount of vegetables and fruit that make them contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients.

4: Eat foods rich in protein, vitamin C and iron, as it works to improve the health of the immune system and to protect its body from diseases and diseases.

5: an interest in physical activity, as it works to promote the health of the population and promote the circulation of blood and disease management.

6: Stay away from eating a calcium food with food that contains iron because it affects iron.

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